My name’s Jon Mason and I’m a storyteller based in Brighton.

Storyteller, you ask? What, like some sort of minstrel who tells old fairy tales about princesses and magic?

Well, yes – sort of. But there’s a lot more besides…

I tell stories about times gone by and the modern day, blending fact and fantasy, from all over the world, for kids and grownups. I’ve given performances and workshops at a massive range of settings: community events, festivals, gigs, schools, spoken word nights… I create shows and sessions to suit all needs.

For more about what I can offer, look at the links above – and have a look at my videos page. If an oral storyteller would go down well at an event you’re planning, just give me a shout!

See you out and about!

“our boys became totally engrossed … fantastic…” – https://minitravellers.co.uk/