Historical Sites

“‘You lucky bunch of so-and-so’s,’ Sir shouted into the green hill. ‘Never did any kids live in a place where there was so much history. Wherever you go, wherever you tread, adventure, tragedy and romance have gone before you. And they are all around you, still…'”
– from The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler by Gene Kemp

I’m passionate about history. Always have been. Why wouldn’t you want to know more about how things were before our time, and why they are they way they are now?

I’m also passionate, though, about exciting people about history who haven’t necessarily thought about it before – and giving a sense of connection to the past in the places around us we might all take for granted. We are, as humans, story-loving creatures: so storytelling is one of the most entertaining, most effective ways to create that connection.

I’m available to tell stories and deliver workshops at all kinds of historical sites. I’ve designed and provided bespoke events such as:

  • Historical walks at a variety of sites (eg Hollingbury Hillfort, Ditchling Beacon) both independently and for groups such as the Woodcraft Folk
  • Sessions on local stories and history for primary schools, eg for Hertford Infant School as part of their “Building Brighton” topic
  • I devised and delivered a half-term Time Travel Treasure Hunt for Brighton Open Market, leading families on a quest through Brighton’s history from the earliest times to the present day. I’ve since been engaged by the University of Sussex to act as consultant on an undergraduate research project based around a restaging of the treasure hunt. For more info, see Full Shows
  • I’ve written and recorded story-songs about social history and local characters, eg here – for more, see Music

I have a BA (Hons) History with Archaeology from the University of Wales, Bangor; a MA Contemporary History (Distinction) from the University of Sussex; and in 2017 completed a course on Telling for Heritage at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, exploring and developing skills for interpreting historical sites & artefacts through storytelling. And I like to include a bit of local history and folklore in any storytelling I do – for example, see my retelling of a Sussex story here.

If you would like a storyteller to engage the public with any aspect of history (be it a building, landmark, object or just an idea) I’ve love to talk to you! Please get in touch.