For Roe Vs Wade

I was stunned (but not surprised) by the news yesterday that the US Supreme Court has overturned the Roe vs Wade ruling, denying women a constitutional right to abortion. So now individual states are allowed to ban abortion, and women across one of the richest “civilised democracies” in the world will suffer even more. Despite many recent polls showing that a majority of the US population support the right to abortion, 5 unelected people were able to remove its place in law. Apparently the constitution makes no explicit comment on abortion – but then, neither does the Bible, but there you go…

I’m desperately sad for the women whose lives will be affected now and in future, and at how this issue was subsumed by the “culture war” drift to division and aggression in Western politics.

For what it’s worth, here’s an old recording of a story for women everywhere, and anyone else who’s ever faced oppression and prejudice and had their life misrepresented for others’ private gain.

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