CD and download on the way…!

Storyteller at the microphone in a recording studio

So! I had a great time yesterday, going back to the ever-amazing Brighton Road Recording Studios, with the incredible co-owner/engineer Ali Gavan. The reason being, to record some of my favourite folktales for a forthcoming release!

This plan has been on my mind since before lockdown: I wanted to record a selection of shorter tales that I’ve told most often at festivals, storytelling clubs and community events, to release as a CD and download. Attempts to record them on my own at home didn’t work out – I couldn’t stop myself from going on too long, or getting lost in worrying about the details… But! Once I knew it was possible again, I booked some time with Ali in the studio to do it properly under his sage guidance.

The main room at Brighton Road Recording Studios.

And a very satisfying time it was! I’m really pleased with the results so far. The stories are funny, sad, exciting, lovelorn, and, as always for me, rooted strongly to the land and real-life places. They come from some of the most important places in my life: Sussex, North Wales and Berkshire; but there are aspects and elements that you’ll recognise from all over the world.

The recordings will be available to buy as a CD or a download very soon! If you’re interested, watch this space for more info about release date and pre-orders.

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