It is here! The free online game that I helped create as part of University of Sussex DIT Digital and the Brighton Festival Our Place programme – a choose-your-own-adventure style quest to save the past, present and future!

Based on the history of Hangleton in Brighton & Hove, the quest takes you back and forward through time, from the distant past to the present day, as you strive to resolve a crisis that has brought all of history to a standstill. Can you help the people you meet on the way? Can you restart the Wheel of Time? And even if you do – will your choices change the present?

The game drew on research into Hangleton’s history by students of the University of Sussex Department of History, and was devised and programmed by the students, their lecturers and myself. It allows YOU to explore the same story shared in my Time Travel Treasure Hunt in the Brighton Festival Our Place programme – and YOUR decisions will change the outcome!

You can access the game for FREE at the following link – it plays best on a laptop, desktop or tablet:

Enjoy! And remember – ALL OF TIME IS COUNTING ON YOU!

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