3rd May – Telling for Martlets Hospice, Brighton.

11th May – Taliesin: A Tale of Class, Pandemic and Environmental Catastrophe – an online telling of one of my favourite tales: a land trying to heal, a rising sea beyond the walls, and a boy who will go down in history as the greatest bard of all time….

28th May – Elderflower Fields Festival, Pippingford Park, East Sussex – back on the WowPow stage at this fabulous family festival in the heart of Ashdown Forest!

Recent gigs

19th Apr – England’s Dreaming: Storytelling for Now – in-person AND online, at the Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton and streaming live! Folklore never died: the mystery, danger and dreams are all around us still.

27th Mar – Outlaw: Tales of Robin Hood – Gangster? Hero? Lawbreaker? Myth? You know the tale: now think again. Robin Hood retold online, in all his gritty glory! Booking open!

25th Mar – Medieval Mysteries storywalk for Walk This Way, Lewes – saints and kings! Ghosts and murders! Uncover the tales of rich and poor alike, by following in their footsteps. Two sessions again, morning and afternoon – book here for 11:30am and here for 2:00pm!

18th Mar – Riverside Stories storywalk for Walk This Way, Lewes – a family-friendly stroll through the Railway Land nature reserve, with stories of the Ouse Valley and its history. Two sessions available, morning and afternoon – book here for 11am and here for 2pm!

9th Mar – The Catalyst Club, Latest Music Bar, Brighton – a TALK, at this stupendous salon, about the tangled connections of Welsh, Irish and Norse myth: prehistoric roots or medieval travellers’ tales? Maybe a bit of both! Book now!

22nd Feb – Telling for Martlets, Brighton.

21st Feb – Tales of Penance and Pancakes – Confess your sins! Stuff your faces! Gathering online for tales from around the world, to mark Shrove Tuesday in all its guises.

4th Feb – Private party, Brighton

20th Dec – Gawain ONLINE: The Green Knight and Other Winter’s Tales – for those who couldn’t make the in-person event on 15th, a repeat of these medieval mysteries over the internet as the nights get to their darkest.

17th Dec – HULLABELLY, St George’s Church, Brighton – a solstice song & story shindig courtesy of Kirsty Martin’s awesome Hullabaloo Community Quire, plus the amazing folk band Bird in the Belly and stories from myself.

15th Dec – Gawain, the Green Knight and Other Winter’s Tales, The Poets Ale & Smoke House, Hove – an in-person solo show intertwining the fabled Arthurian legend with frost-touched folktales from far and near. And a fabulous feast it was too, in the company of splendid people.

4th Dec 2022 – UpRoar People’s Ceilidh – End the year with a sumptuous sing song and folky fling about with feel-good all-female Sussex folksters The Cheer Up Mollys and communal singing led by UpRoar’s Kirsty Martin – and a story from me!

22nd Nov 2022 – Dragons: Tales of Fire on the Wind – Majestic and monstrous beasts that have captured our imagination since the oldest time. An online hoard of folktales and legends exploring the dragon myth.

16th Nov 2022 – South Downs Storytellers‘ Story Sharing Night, Westgate Chapel, Lewes – live and in person event returns, hosted by Rachel Levy and myself! Welcoming anyone who wants to tell or listen.

14th Nov 2022 – Ropetackle Storytellers: Rooted in Story – Tales of the Land – honoured to headline with Rachel Levy at this superb monthly club, as part of South Downs Storytellers‘ guest slot. And a subject so close to my heart: the veins of myth and magic that run deep through the soil…

8th Nov 2022 – Stories of Mists and MushroomsJason Buck and I reunite online for an evening of autumnal tales of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

31st Oct 2022 – Cherry Tree Nursery, Brighton – spooky tales for Hallowe’en!

20th Oct 2022 – Witches: Tales of Hope and Fear – foul or fair? Malicious or misunderstood? An online telling of tales about the woman at the edge of the firelight…

19th Oct 2022 – Taliesin: The Song for All Time, Beeston Tales – a full headline set at this splendid monthly club in Nottinghamshire, telling the tale of a land tring to heal, a rising sea beyond the walls, and a boy who will go down in history as the greatest bard of all time.

16th & 18th Oct – Spooky Sussex Returns…! (Brighton HorrorFest) – Unearthing more tales of terror from the traditions of Sussex! After 2021’s sellout shows, Rachel Levy and myself bring you more hauntings, hellhounds, spells and spirits from just beyond your front door.

15th Oct 2022 – daytime gig in central London – SADLY CANCELLED, but we plan to rearrange it, so watch this space!

25th Sep 2022 – River Ouse Festival, Railway Land Nature Reserve, Lewes – a celebration of the Ouse and all its tales, history and wildlife.

21st Sep 2022 – South Downs Storytellers‘ Story Sharing Night, Westgate Chapel, Lewes – our live and in person event returns! Welcoming anyone who wants to tell or listen.

20th Sep 2022 – Giants: Tales of Earth and Thunder – an online gig delving into the tales of these oldest and most elemental beings.

9th-11th Sep 2022 – Into the Trees, Pippingford Park, East Sussex – back at this amazing weekend family event, for tales and adventures in the forest.

3rd Sep 2022 – Private party, Lewes

26th-29th Aug 2022 – Strange Games Festival – A glorious time telling every night at the campfire, over a long weekend of board games, role-playing and more at a beautiful Sussex campsite. Heaven!

27th Jul 2022 – South Downs Storytellers’ Story Sharing Night, Westgate Chapel, Lewes – a live and in person story sharing for anyone who wants to tell or listen.

4th Jul 2022 – Waterfield Arts Festival – a whole day of workshops with all year groups at the wonderful Waterfield Primary School, Bewbush, Crawley, as part of a summer festival of all different creative arts!

2nd Jul 2022 – Hertford Schools Summer Fair, Hollingdean, Brighton – brilliant community event at a brilliant community school!

1st Jul 2022 – Twilight Tales, Lewes – a feast of storytelling to mark local schools’ annual Moving On celebrations, and evoking the spirit of the River Ouse.

15th Jun 2022 – Fairies: Tales of the Other Folk – an online gig featuring myself and cracking new storyteller Anarchie Norman-Mason. The Wee Folk, the Peaceful Ones, the Gentry, the Tylwyth Teg… whatever their name, you better watch your step. A specially-chosen selection of fairy folktales from the British Isles and neighbouring lands, exploring all the magic, the danger, the dearest hopes and darkest fears that these mysterious beings hold for us.

6th Jun 2022 – Wishing Tree Nursery, Brighton – entertaining the littlies during an evening event for parents.

27th-29th May 2022 – Elderflower Fields – The fantastical family festival returns!

8th May 2022 – Brighton Fringe Festival: UpRoar People’s Ceilidh – special Fringe edition of dancing, communal singing, a shared meal, music from Bird in the Belly and a story from me! 2pm-5:30pm, £15/£10.

7th May 2022 – Stories for Rebirth – postponed from 12th Mar: an online gig with Jason Buck marking the turning of the year and the height of Spring!

7th & 15th May 2022 – Brighton Festival Fringe: The Radical History Tour! A People’s History of Brighton & Hove – Who built this town?! Who won your freedoms?! Walk in their footsteps and find out! An in-person walking tour through selected Sites of Special Socio-Historical Interest, where you can find out about the passions, the politics, the struggles and the smiles beneath your feet.

5th May 2022 – Word Spun Zoomed: Mythic and Madness – another glorious gathering of tellers for the fantabulous Word Spun online club, hosted by Spinning Yarns Theatre. There was creation, there was chaos, there was YOU and ME!

24th Apr 2022 – Spring in the Patch – oodles of stuff happening at this community fair in the beautiful William Clarke Park aka The Patch! Bands, stalls, games, archery, bar, ME and more…

27th March 2022 – Merlin in the Wild Wood – the deep woods hang at the edges of our imaginations: friend or foe? Sanctuary or savagery? From the comfort of your settled life, maybe you still have to decide… A new solo show, tangling together medieval tales of those who left their humanity behind to live in the wilds: LIVE at St Augustine’s Centre, Brighton.

6th Mar 2022 – UpRoar People’s Ceilidh – A fantastic new monthly event: dancing, communal singing, superb music from, this month, the amazing Jo Freya, A SHARED MEAL, and this time a story from me! What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?!

2nd Feb 2022 – South Downs Storytellers – a short tale to share with you at this always-fantastic monthly storytelling open mic.

31st Jan 2022 – The Saga of the Ring – An online telling of possibly my favourite Norse tale: Sigurd the hero, Fafnir the dragon, Brunhild the valkyrie, and a cursed ring that threatens to consume them all… The saga that inspired Tolkien, Wagner and more. This may be a tale of magic and monsters, but sometimes the greatest challenges are within ourselves…

12th Dec 2021 – Shadows on Snow: Chilling Tales from the Far North – spine-tingling folktales for a winter’s night from the Finnish, Sami and Norse traditions. Come closer to the fire – the darkness isn’t far away…

5th Dec 2021 – Stories of Re-enchantment – with Jason Buck – bringing to life tales that re-story our urban environments and re-enchant the rural landscapes that we often hark back to. An evening of storytelling and discussion in collaboration with one of my favourite tellers to watch!

4th Nov 2021 – Word Spun Zoomed: Bangers & Bonfires – online event at this regular monthly storytelling night hosted by the amazing Spinning Yarns Theatre. Lighting the virtual bonfire and letting off some cracking story fireworks, in the company of Stephe Harrop, Hannah Need & Carl Gough.

26th & 29th Oct 2021 – Spooky Sussex: Forgotten Fears from Local FolkloreBrighton Horrorfest rises again, and Rachel Levy and I are back, along with the in-person debut by my daughter Aela Norman-Mason! Black dogs, hungering spirits and the restless dead… Stay tuned for news on streaming of a recording!

17th Oct 2021 – Ditchling Beacon Storywalk – An autumn trek through Sussex folklore and history, along the hilltops and trails around Ditchling Beacon. Stretch your legs and your imaginations, among tales of witches, ghost dogs and ancient history, and the spectacular scenery of the South Downs.

30th Sep 2021 – Worthing Storytellers: Far Flung Tales – wonders of the wide world, online and in person at this spectacular monthly night!

27th Sep 2021 – Chasing the Sun: British Myths and the Uffington White Horse – another online telling of this cycle of stories inspired by the Uffington White Horse, which sold out multiple times in 2020. Explore the traces of legend in the landscape around this jawdropping ancient monument.

12th Sep 2021 – Into the Trees – a welcome return of this beautiful weekend family event, celebrating the woodlands, the wilds and the fun we can have there. I’ll be telling stories throughout the day on the Sunday – look forward to seeing you there!

29th Jul 2021 – Footprints storywalk, Archaeology Day at Hindhead Common, Surrey. Part of a project for Surrey Hills Arts, developing stories about locations in the Surrey Hills AONB, to help people connect with the landscape and with climate change. Two walks through human history and folklore in this stunning location – alongside loads of other fascinating activities during the day.

25th Jul 2021 – Elderflower Fields – this glorious family festival in the beautiful surroundings of Pippingford Park, East Sussex. Three sets across the Sunday on the wonderful WowPow! spoken word stage.

20th Jun 2021 – We Are Not A Festival – a talk on myths and beliefs about the sun, throughout history, at this wonderful event at the beautiful Pippingford Park, East Sussex – delving into the past through the traces in mythology: what a way to mark the Solstice weekend…

10th Jun 2021 –  Rave today! A panel discussion by students and teaching staff, as part of the University of Sussex’s Festival of Ideas. Explored the many surprising and fruitful associations between academic research and the UK rave scene of the 1980s-90s – including the Sussex History dept’s “Post-Rave Britain” module through which our online time travel adventure game was born! I joined the panel to speak about the collaborative process, and the live Time Travel Treasure Hunts that have resulted.

26th May 2021 – Woolpack Storytelling Evening – another glorious get-together for this new monthly night, courtesy of the Woolpack Inn, Burgess Hill. With stories from Jason Buck, Marina Evans, Mike Facherty and myself.

19th May 2021 – Taliesin: A Tale of Class, Pandemic and Environmental Catastrophe – an online telling of the legendary Welsh bard’s story, treading the blurry line between history and myth. The early Welsh kingdoms face a world full of uncertainty, in a medieval world not entirely dissimilar to our own… Tickets and info at the link!20th Jun

7th May 2021 – Time Travel Treasure Hunt! – A second run of this online, interactive storytelling adventure! Only YOU can save Time!

5th May 2021 – South Downs Storytellers’ 5th Birthday! – a celebratory night at this cracking monthly club.

2nd May 2021 – Time Travel Treasure Hunt! – An interactive storytelling adventure in which YOU must save Time! Created with the students and staff of the University of Sussex DIT Digital project, this is an epic and fantastical trip through the history of Hangleton, Brighton & Hove, and takes place in the Brighton Festival Our Place programme. Online and FREE!

30th Apr 2021 – Worthing Storytellers: Song and Dance – A Night of Musical Stories – a celebration of stories to sing, and tales to tap your feet to! I found myself dusting off my vocal chords and hefting my faithful fretted stringed instruments to sing a combination of song and story from my 2016 album Unmet Needs.

28th Apr 2021 – Woolpack Storytelling Evening – the second of a new regular storytelling night! Hosted by the wonderful Woopack Inn, Burgess Hill, but this time happening ONLINE so all can join us. Free entry and a host of wonderful local storytellers to listen to!

16th Apr 2021 – The Tale of Culhwch and Olwen – Think you know about King Arthur? Think again…! In this 11th century tale, we meet the Arthur of the earliest Welsh tradition: a no-nonsense monarch with a feast-hall full of heroes, gods and legends. And there is a quest of epic and ancient mystery at their feet – a cursed prince, a long-lost maiden, monsters and magic, and the Chief of All Giants…

6th Mar 2021 – Rocking The Roost: A Celebration of Our Friend Roger Johnson – my friend Roger was a truly lovely guy who supporting countless musicians by coming to everyone’s gigs. He was always generous and had time for everyone. Sadly he died due to Covid-19 earlier this year, and so a gang of musical friends got together to put on an online gig and raise a toast in his memory. There were OODLES of fantastic DIY folk-punk acts and more, and I appeared in a reunion of the Bandana Collective as well as doing something solo. And we raised money for RSPB Pagham, where Roger volunteered for years, as it was a cause really close to his heart. It was a really wonderful day.

16th Feb 2021 – The Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi: Math son of Mathonwy – The schemes of magicians, the wars of kingdoms, the hopes of the innocent and the twists of love, in the final of four timeless Welsh myths retold online. This has been my favourite set of tales for most of my life, and is a large part of why I’m a storyteller.

11th Feb 2021 – Varndean School, Brighton – an online session for Yr 8 history students, on the upheavals in rural life in the 18th and 19th centuries, and how they led to where we are now… Fantastic fun exploring common land, Captain Swing and more with some incredible kids.

9th Feb 2021 – The Third Branch of the Mabinogi: Manawydan son of Llyr – Fight or flee? Pride or poverty? Manawydan, one-time prince, faces ancient foes and hard choices. The third of four timeless Welsh myths, retold online.

5th Feb 2021 – Lud and the Plagues of Britain: The Roots and Tales of London’s Legendary King – a FREE lunchtime Zoom talk mixing stories, histories and thoughts-about-stories, to mark National Storytelling Week for Shoe Lane Library.

2nd Feb 2021 – The Second Branch of the Mabinogi: Branwen daughter of Llyr – Branwen, married far from home, must carry the hopes of two nations as politics and magic collide. The next of four timeless Welsh myths, retold online.

26th Jan 2021 – The First Branch of the Mabinogi: Pwyll Prince of Dyfed – Pwyll, proud nobleman, finds danger, love and hard lessons in a world beyond our own. The first of four timeless Welsh myths, retold online – this has been my favourite set of tales for most of my life, and is a large part of why I’m a storyteller.

22nd Dec 2020 – Frost and Fire: Finnish tales from the Kalevala – curl up for magical tales of dark forests, frosty nights and wild adventure. An online telling of tales from the epic Finnish poem the Kalevala.

14th Dec 2020 – Worthing Storytellers presents: Christmas Stories – an online festive feast from this monthly gathering, with heartwarming Yuletide tales to see us into the holidays. I told a short wintry tale from Sussex folklore, alongside some amazing storytellers.

8th Dec 2020 – Helgi & Sigrun: A Viking Tale of Love and Death – An online telling from Rachel Levy and myself, of this haunting and beautiful Norse tale of fallen heroes, lost love and second chances beyond the grave…

23rd Nov 2020 – The Saga of the Ring – A hero. A promise. A dragon. A treasure. If only it were so simple… An online telling of the Norse epic of Sigurd, Fafnir, Brunhild, and the cursed treasure that shapes all their lives.

Starting 16th Nov – Legends and the Land: British myth, folklore and archaeology – a four-week online course for 8-16yr olds, on the myths and stories left to us by the past, and the light they cast on British history. Hear folktales and epic myths from Welsh, Norse and Anglo-Saxon traditions, and learn about the people who might have told them, the times they lived, and the place these tales held in their lives.

25th & 31st Oct 2020 – Half Term Hallowe’eny Storywalk – A trek through spooky Sussex folklore and history, on the hilltops and trails around Ditchling Beacon. Sadly cancelled due to wet weather, but more walks will be arranged – watch this space!

21st & 22nd Oct 2020 – Helgi & Sigrun: A Viking Tale of Love and Death – Rachel Levy and I return to Brighton HorrorFest with a haunting and gothic Norse tale of fallen heroes, lost love and the hope of another chance beyond the grave…

9th-11th Oct 2020 – Lakes International Comic Art Festival – This incredible annual gathering has moved online, and I’ll be telling some stories! Expect Cumbrian folklore and links to Njord & Skadi & other fun work with the wonderful Simon Russell.

29th Sep 2020 – Root, Branch and Weave: In Search of a British Creation Myth – another online date to delve into ancient tales from Wales, Ireland and more, to imagine the beliefs of our prehistoric forebears.

23rd Sep 2020 – Chasing the Sun: British Myths and the Uffington White Horse – another online telling of these stories inspired by the Uffington White Horse: previous dates sold out three times, so set forth again to explore the traces of legend in the landscape.

31st Aug 2020 – Worthing Storytellers: Summer Knights – The ever-fantabulous monthly club brings on the heat with daring warriors, noble Knights, and sun gods. I’ll be telling a tale alongside some other fantastic story types.

28th July 2020 – Root, Branch and Weave: In Search of a British Creation Myth – heroes, magicians and the shadows of gods abound in this online telling of old tales: piecing together legends from Wales, Ireland and further afield, we uncover the possibilities of an origin myth as old as the forests and hills.

6th July 2020 – Chasing the Sun: British Myths and the Uffington White Horse – due to immense demand, an extra online telling of my cycle of stories inspired by the Uffington White Horse, exploring the traces of legend in the landscape.

28th June 2020 – Sunday Stories Online. More stories, more magic, more chance to meet up even while lockdown continues – and raising funds for Acting For Others and the Musician’s Union Coronavirus Hardship Fund.

22nd and 23rd June 2020 – Chasing the Sun: British Myths and the Uffington White Horse – an online telling of my cycle of stories inspired by the Uffington White Horse, exploring the traces of legend in the landscape.

8th Jun 2020 – South Devon Storytellers – a 10min slot at this wondefrful and very friendly monthly group, with some splendid tellers of tales.

4th June – Portslade Roots Music Club – a rare peformance of a SONG, accompanied by my friend Julia Ullyott, at this fantastic monthly get-together for DIY music and more.

June 2020, various dates – Viking Myths! – online storytelling and workshop for children (or grownups) who are schooling from home: giants, gods, fates and feuds, all the heroism and hardship of the North… plus we make our own story!

June 2020, various dates – Sussex Folktales and Legends – a virtual tour through the mystery and magic found in the local soil, for children (and grownups) at home during lockdown. History, folklore, villains and spirits!

June 2020, various dates – Greek Myths! – online celebration of the beauty, the tragedy, the heroes and the monsters of Greek myth, for those off school in lockdown (or grownups too). Hear famous legends and lesser-known tales, and ask: what really makes a hero?

24th May 2020 – Sunday Stories Online – my monthly feast of myths and magic, streamed online to keep the flame alive during lockdown. Taking donations for Acting For Others and the Musician’s Union Coronavirus Hardship Fund.

15th May 2020 – Strange Times Online Storytelling Club – a new weekly get-together for storytellers and story lovers all over the country, and indeed the world. Hosted by the fantastic Abbie Simmonds.

7th May 2020 – Portslade Roots Virtual Music Night – virtual gathering for this magnificent monthly showcase of music: folk, roots, acoustic, whatever you want to call it, it’s made by people like us and shared for the joy of it. Regular hosts/organisers are the amazing Robb Johnson and Roger Stevens, and the main act this month was the legend that is Leon Rossellson…

6th May 2020 – South Downs Storytellers – marvellous monthly storytelling open mic marks it’s 4th Birthday! Join us on Zoom for a communal pick’n’mix of tales and tellers.

2nd May 2020 – Bethan’s Birthday Lockdown Party – Sofa-streaming online celebration for my good friend Bethan Prosser, featuring her band Pog, more music from Carol Hodge and Anja McCloskey and stories from me. Raising money for Brighton Voices In Exile, supporting refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants. Hurrah!

27th Apr 2020 – Worthing Storytellers: Tales of England – Sitting pleasingly close to the patron saint’s day of this ostensible nation state, we get to delve into the history, heritage and imagination of the multi-layered melting pot that is English culture. Sounds great to me!

26th Apr 2020 – Sunday Stories Online – raising funds for performers and theatre workers affected by Coronavirus, by spinning yarns and twisting tales. Video of the event still posted at the link!

1st Apr 2020 – South Downs Storytellers – Hailing all fools! The glorious monthly storytelling open mic goes ahead via Zoom on this most auspicious day. I’ll be contributing a tale, and can’t wait to see who else is there too.

29th Mar 2020 – Sunday Stories, ONLINE! Another afternoon of comedy, tragedy, magic and myth, streamed online so we can all still enjoy it! 3-5pm, FREE/donations, all welcome.

15th Mar 2020 – Story Walk, Cissbury Ring – a walk on this spectacular hillfort site, sharing tales of human’s activity there going back to the Neolithic, plus folktales and legend it’s picked up along the way. 10% of proceeds given to the National Trust for maintenance of the site.

5th Mar 2020 – World Book Day at Shoreham College – stories and workshops for years 4, 5, 7 and 8.

24th Feb 2020 – Worthing Storytellers – Beowulf and Other Tales – the amazing Amy Sutton shares her telling of the great Old English epic: grim, funny and intense! Myself and other comrades will be bringing other tales in support, suitable for a Saxon feast-hall. Coast, Beach Parade, 7:30-9:30pm, £5/£3.

23rd Feb 2020 – Sunday Stories, Village cafe, Brighton – the first one went so well, we’re doing it again! Mystery and adventure, for one and all, 3-5pm. FREE/donations!

11th Feb 2020 – Chasing the Sun, Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven – a cycle of stories inspired by the Uffington White Horse, exploring the traces of legend in the landscape. Drawing from archaeology, history and tales from Wales, Yorkshire, Iceland and more, I imagine the myth that might have been.

4th Feb – The Great Fire of London, Hertford Infant School, Brighton – stories for Years 1 & 2 to investigate the legendary London blaze.

19th Jan 2020 – Sunday Stories – what better way to while away a winter afternoon than snuggled up in a cosy cafe with some stories? I’ll be sharing some favourites, new finds, and anything that pops into my head – plus acoustic indie folk rock from the amazing Neil Singh. Village cafe, Islingword Road, Brighton, 3-5pm, FREE/donations. All ages welcome!

8th Jan 2020 – StoryNight at Torriano – celebrating 12 years of Nell Phoenix’s club as one of 12 tellers, each doing a story of only 7.5mins in length!

20th Dec 2019 – Glow Wild, Wakehurst Place – back again at the spellbinding lantern trail – art, lantern making, food & drink, perfect for a midwinter evening.

10th Dec – Hertford Junior School, Brighton – Viking stories for Year 4’s Fabulous Finish!

7th Dec 2019 – Winter Lucky Dip, St Richards Church, Hollingdean, Brighton – compering once more at the ever-fantastic annual community fair with stalls, cake, music and more.

22nd November 2019 – Glow Wild, Wakehurst Place – enchanting lantern trail featuring art and sound installations, lantern making and heartwarming food & drink.

10th Nov 2019 – Ditchling Beacon story walk – a walk again in the stunning the South Downs, sharing tales of prehistory, ghosts, monsters and modern times, via their traces left for us in the landscape.

26th Oct 2019 – Nightwatch, King John’s Nursery, Etchingham – a heart-nourishing evening exploring the world at night: astronomy, wildlife, storytelling, and a hot supper.

20th Oct 2019 – Ditchling Beacon story walk – an envigorating walk in the striking scenery of the South Downs, sharing history and tales from Bronze Age barrows to ghostly hounds, Napoleonic defenses to knuckers and witches.

17th Oct 2019 – The Saga of Hervor and Heidrek, Sweet Werks, Brighton – raising a world of warrior women, ghosts, greed and vengeful magic in this Icelandic sage, with Rachel Levy of South Downs Storytellers.

19th Sep 2019 – Greek Myths: Perseus & Medusa! Hertford Junior School, Brighton – exploring the twists and bites of Her Snakiness’ story with Year 6

13th-15th Sep 2019 – Into the Trees, Pippingford Park, East Sussex – ever-amazing family festival celebrating all things woodlandy and outdoorsy. I’m storytelling on Sat eve and twice on Sun afternoon.

15th Aug 2019 – Summer of Stories: How It All Began, Bags of Books, Lewes – back again for more storyweaving and wonder.
6th Aug 2019 – Summer of Stories: Heroes and Villains, Bags of Books, Lewes – second in a run of sessions at this wonderful bookshop.

2nd-4th Aug 2019 – Oxfest – jam-packed family festival at the Sussex Ox, Polegate – music, activities, camping, local food and drinks in the Sussex countryside. I did sets under a tree on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons, beneath Windover Hill with its Long Man.

30th July 2019 – Summer of Stories: Magical Beasts, Bags of Books, Lewes – first of a series of sessions at a BRILLIANT independent bookshop. 11am-12pm, best for 6-12 year olds, £3 per child – please book here.

5th July 2019 – Twilight Tales, Paddock Fields, Lewes – a free community celebration with stories and dance, organised by Patina and Starfish Studios to round off the day of their Moving On parade.
30th June 2019 – The Lucky Dip: Tutti Frutti – Compering again at this annual community extravaganza organised by the wonderful Hollingdean Lucky Dip.

21st June 2019 – Midsummer story walk, Hollingdean, Brighton – gentle walk up to Hollingbury Hillfort to watch the sun go down on the longest day, featuring local folk tales, history and ancient British myths as we go.

20th June 2019 – Hertford Schools’ Summer Fair – sharing tales of wonder and fun for my local infant and junior schools’ bash!

15th June 2019 – The Saga of Hervor and Heidrek, Westgate Chapel, Lewes – a full evening’s retelling by Rachel Levy and I of this tragic and action-packed saga, featuring a warrior-princess, a king on the make, the high cost of glory and a cursed sword…

8th June 2019 – The Serpent King’s Daughter, Storytelling Hut, Emerson College, Forest Row – another ensemble telling of this Hindu-inspired tale with Guesthouse Storytellers.

24th-26th May 2019 – Elderflower Fields festival, Pippingford Park, East Sussex – another welcome visit to this fantastic family festival in the depths of the Weald. I’ll be storytelling on the WowPow! stage on Fri, Sat and Sun nights.

25th May 2019 – Time Travel Treasure Hunt, Hangleton Community Centre, Brighton – staged as part of the Brighton Festival’s Your Place programme, and created in collaboration with history students from the University of Sussex. A spectacular day!

16th May 2019 – The Serpent King’s Daughter, Printer’s Playhouse, Eastbourne – a magical cycle of fables drawing on Hindu mythology: a mighty king must spin stories or face enslavement, by the woman he loves – the dangerous and clever Serpent King’s daughter. I’ll be taking part in this group performance by the Guesthouse Storytellers ensemble. £8, tickets and info available here.

6th Apr 2019 – The Wedding Reception of Njord and Skadi – celebrating the launch of the new comic by Simon Russell and myself, with fun times and fellowship at the Jolly Brewer, Brighton. Plus music from Dryadic and Katy Rodda, and an epic telling of The Saga of Hervor and Heidrek with Rachel Levy.

30th Mar 2019 – Viking Adventure Day for Girl Guiding Lewes Division – storytelling workshops at a full day of activities on a Norse theme… and round the campfire South Downs Storytellers‘ Rachel Levy and I premiered our telling of the haunting Saga of Hervor and Heidrek.

9th Mar 2019 – International Comic Expo, Holiday Inn, Brighton – sharing our new comic, The Marriage of Njord and Skadi, and telling a smorgasbord of Norse myths!

31st Jan 2019 – Stories for the New Year, Worthing Storytellers, Cellar Arts Club, Worthing – opening night of a new regular storytelling group! I’ll be sharing a short tale alongside some really impressive local tellers. Doors 7:30pm, £5 (£3 Cellar Arts Club members).

29th Jan 2019 – Building Brighton, Hertford Infant School – using ancient stories to explore local history with Year 2 students, from the earliest human activity to mediaeval times.

13th Jan 2019 – The Serpent King’s Daughter, Depot, Lewes – return of the ensemble telling of this Hindu-inspired cycle of tales, with the amazing people of Guesthouse Storytellers. 5:00pm-7:00pm, £8/£6, booking recommended.

16th Dec 2018 – Christmas Party at Coachwerks, Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton – a great time by the fire telling wintery stories of frost and flame, at this brilliant local venue/artist’s space/wholefood shop.

14th Dec 2018 – Norse myths at Hertford Junior School – back again for fickle gods and flawed heroes at Year 4’s Viking Feast.

12th Dec 2018 – Greek myths at Hertford Junior School, Brighton – summoning the warm winds of the Mediterranean for Year 6’s Fab Finish.

1st Dec 2018 – Hollingdean Lucky Dip’s HOLLY JOLLY – ever-fantastic community winter fair at St Richard’s Church – stalls, activities and music, and I’ll be making the announcements as Master of Ceremonies and storytelling with the amazing Ruth Cooke. 10:30am-3:30pm, more details to follow.

20th Nov 2018 – Ancient British myths, Hertford Junior School, Brighton – stepping back with Year 3 to our Iron Age past through legend and folktale.

9th Oct 2018 – Tales from the Graveyard, Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven – I shared an old Brighton ghost story at this night of genuinely scary tales.

23rd Sep 2018 – Apple Day, Stanmer Park, Brighton – sadly my area was RAINED OFF… but hope to be back another year!

14th-16th Sep 2018 – Into the Trees – the ever-incredible woodland festival at Pippingford Park, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex – family activities, wildlife walks, food & drink, and me offering stories old and less-old about humans’ interaction with the woods.

Tues 11th Sep 2018 – The Serpent King’s Daughter, Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven – a great time joining the resident group of tellers for an ensemble version of an old Hindu tale, at this fantastic regular story night.

Sat 30th Jun 2018 – Hertford Infant School summer fair – delving into adventure and magic in the Sussex soil with kids and families at our fantastic local infant school.

Sun 24th Jun 2018 – University of Sussex Community Festival, 11:00-3:00 – sharing stories from old and not-so-old Sussex at this great day out showcasing the work of the university, where in a parallel timeline I am employed as a welfare advisor.

Sat 16th Jun 2018 – back at Hollingdean Lucky Dip summer fair, compering all day and nattering with Sandy the Seagull, and also telling a few stories for good measure.

Sat 9th Jun 2018 – Locating Women in the Folk conference, University of Sussex – presenting a poster by myself and Simon Russell, on our graphic adaption of the myth of Njord and Skadi; and also got to swim in some amazing conversation with interesting and like-minded people (and tell the Squire of Hendy at the end!)

Fri 25th-Sun 27th May 2018 – back under the sun and trees at Elderflower Fields Festival, Pippingford Park, East Sussex. Shared the WowPow! stage with a host of other storytellers, poets and more besides; enjoyed the evening light exploring multi-layered myth through tales from the Mabinogion, the Icelandic Eddas, Alderley Edge, the Berkshire Downs and the Sussex soil.

Sat 5th May 2018 – Time Travel Treasure Hunt at Brighton Open Market. Help foil a villainous scheme in a strangely familiar world of mods and rockers, princes and Blackshirts, science, magic and adventure. Can you find the clues in time? Or will malevolent forces get there first? Will you decide the City’s fate? A treasure hunt for kids and their grownups, created in collaboration with Brighton Open Market and students of the University of Sussex Department of History.

Thurs 15th Mar 2018 – Creation to Narration, Artista Cafe & Gallery, Hove – great time at the third night of a NEW monthly storytelling event!

Sun 4th Mar 2018 – The Book Show, Arts@theCrypt, Seaford – a week-long celebration of books and illustration, put together for World Book Day by Seaford Contemporary Illustrators and Printmakers (SCIP). I closed the final day by premiering a specially-created story, Amelia and the Book of Ideas.

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 – relaunch of EarthSea Plantbased Wholefoods, our favourite and valued local wholefood coop! At Coachwerks, Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton.

Tues Feb 20th 2018 – Building Brighton at Hertford Infant School – helping with a special topic, layering on local history from the ground up. In my (and the) element(s) sharing stories and history from prehistoric days to Saxon times.

Mon 29th Jan 2018 – STORY SLAM at the ever-amazing Brighton Storytellers, Latest Music Bar, Brighton – gave a first walkout to my set of Berkshire folktales featuring on Herne the Hunter, Henry VIII, St Oswald’s Well and modern-day homelessness; as well as enjoying lots of fantastic other weavers of yarns.

Tues 8th Jan 2018 – Elemental Stories at Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven – I shared the Japanese creation myth of Izanami and Izanagi, alongside lots of other tales of earth, air, fire and water, for the first night of the year of this fantastic club.

Fri 8th Dec 2017 – Norse and Anglo-Saxon myths extravaganza for Yr 4’s Fantastic Finish at Hertford Junior School – small group tales round the fire, and then a sweep over the Rhinegold saga at the finishing feast!

Sat 2nd Dec 2017 – Lucky Dip Winter Fayre, St Richard’s Church, Hollingdean, Brighton: compering the events, and also sharing some winter tales from near and far, alongside the amazing Ruth Cooke.

Tues 14th Nov 2017 – ancient British myths for Year 3 at Hertford Junior School – digging down into the roots of prehistoric mythology for the Iron Age Britain topic, gathered round a fire in our imaginary hall.

Tues 7th Nov 2017 – Hertford Junior School, Brighton – Greek Myths for Year 6 – tales of Heroes to start the kids’ writing project!

Mon 25th Sep 2017 – Tales from the Ocean Deep, Brighton Storytellers, Latest Music Bar, Brighton – SADLY DIDN’T MAKE IT in the end: was struck down by a freak virussy migraine thing… Very sorry to the good people at Brighton Storytellers, was really looking forward to it too.

9th & 10th Sep 2017 – Into the Trees, Pippingford Park, East Sussex – another wonderful weekend of outdoor activities in this amazing place: fun, food and crafts for families, and I’m sharing tales of the greenwood while we immerse ourselves in all things foresty.

Thurs 13th Jul 2017 – Greek Myths for Year 6 at Hertford Junior School, Brighton – gods and monsters…! And a quick mini-workshop on the meaning of myth and making monsters for our times.

Weekend of 26th-29th May 2017 – Elderflower Fields Festival, Pippingford Park, East Sussex. A fantastic family-friendly festival in a beautiful place, so glad to go back. Also great to share the bill with lots of other great storytellers, including the wonderful Andreas Kornevall, Sheila Sword and Fleur Shorthouse.

Wed 10th and Fri 12th May 2017 – Taliesin: A Tale of Power, Class and Environmental Catastrophe – a cycle of medieval Welsh stories with striking contemporary resonance… Part of the Brighton Festival Fringe, in the atmospheric comfort of Artista Cafe & Gallery, Hove.

Fri 24th Mar 2017 – Singing gig with the Bandana Collective, The World’s End, Brighton.

Fri 17th Mar 2017 – Singing gig for These Three Monkeys, at The Art House, Southampton, accompanied by the amazing Mark Wilson on bass.

Wed 15th Mar 2017 – All’s Fair? Tales of Gender, Equality and Relationships, The Dukebox Theatre, Brighton – solo show for International Women’s Day (8th Mar) – taking some of my favourite, most poignant tales from old myths, I explore lessons for us all (sometimes tragic, sometimes inspiring) about gender in modern life.

Tues 14th Mar 2017 – Desmond Anderson Primary Academy, Crawley – stories of woods and a workshop on Ancient Egypt, for students on the Autistic Spectrum.

Fri 10th Mar 2017 – Big Untidy Gothic Tales Special, the Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading – stretching into the darker corners of my repertoire, alongside operatic metal from Incarnadine Coven, pagan folk-rockers Spriggan Mist and a storyteller spoken of in hushed reverence who was lovely to meet: Cliff Easterbrook aka the Travelling Talesman.

Wed 21st Dec 2016 – Winter Solstice Woodland Gathering for Kindlings Outdoor Play and Education, Brighton – marking the heart of winter with fun and soup in the woods, alongside fellow storytellers Ruth Cooke, Sheila Sword and others.

Fri 9th Dec 2016 – singing gig at Big Untidy Not Quite Christmas Special, the Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading – alongside Pog, Wob and Paula Curtis. Wonderful place, always great to make the journey – and lots of fun with the other acts.

Fri 2nd Dec 2016 – Norse and Anglo-Saxon myths! For Year 4’s Fabulous Finish at Hertford Junior School, Brighton.

Thurs 1st Dec 2016 – singing gig with the Bandana Collective at Railway Roots, the Railway Inn, Portslade. With support from the Ukeladies!

Tue 8th Nov 2016 – 10min slot at Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven, before the main act of Orpheus & Eurydice by Andreas Kornevall. Andreas is a scholar of mythology at the School of Myth and Story in Devon, and is a fantastic storyteller with really great insight into the deeper meanings of mythology. He’s always wonderful to watch, and at this gig was accompanied by the lyrical and beautiful classical guitar of Geoff Robb.

Sat 29th Oct 2016 – Hallowe’en at Brighton Open Market! Old tales of mystery and shadows for the season of mists… Telling traditional stories from around the UK with the mood, magic and atmosphere of the festival; alongside music, extra stalls from ART Junky and a COSTUME PARADE!

Wed 26th Oct 2016 – Story Treasure Hunt at Brighton Open Market – an epic quest through Brighton’s history, stories and Time Itself! Commissioned by the Open Market as a half-term activity, the treasure hunt led two groups of kids (and their faithful grownups) through a strangely familiar world of activists and gangsters, students and Blackshirts, fishing families and fairies, science and magic and adventure – and helped stop a villainous scheme to seize the soul of the City.

Sun 23rd Oct – Storytelling Fundraiser for The Hummingbird Project – at Coachwerks, Hollingdean, Brighton. Glorious afternoon alongside Ruth Cooke, South Downs Storytellers and loads more, tucked up with vegan Sunday roast and locally-brewed beers. Raised £120 for The Hummingbird Project, Brighton, who do amazing work providing aid & solidarity to refugees in the camps at Calais and Dunkirk.

Sat 24th Sep 2016 – Brighton Open Market – two sets of stories about Brighton and Sussex, as part of a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Weekend of 3rd-4th Sep 2016 – Into the Trees, Pippingford Park, East Sussex – a GREAT time telling stories of woods on both days of this family activity festival, in the splendid wilderness of Ashdown Forest.

Thurs 4th August – ALBUM LAUNCH! Ringing in my new album of songs at The Greys, Brighton, with Mark Wilson on bass and Weezey Jaye on drums – and support from Lewis McKale and Weezey in her guise as HumourJail. We did it!

Tues 26th July – Top of the Horse & Stables, London – singing gig, previewing new album of songs with bass player Mark Wilson of Underhound in tow.

Mon 4th July – three sessions at Hangleton Primary School, Brighton (to the Infants, Yrs 3 & 4 and Yr 5) as part of their Book Week – stories and history from Sussex and farther afield, touching on some of their topics (such as Heroes and Castles), and broader themes such as change in the light of the end of the academic year and the recent EU referendum

Mon 27th June 2016 – short slot at Brighton Storytellers, alongside lots of other great spinners of tales!

Sat 25th June 2016 – Family fun day at The Park View pub, Brighton

Fri 24th June 2016 – Private Party

Sat 18th June 2016 – Lucky Dip Summer Fayre, Hollingdean, Brighton – one of a group of grownups helping kids put on a Puppet Theatre, using their own handmade puppets!

Weekend of 27th-30th May 2016 – Elderflower Fields Festival, Pippingford Park, East Sussex: – two sets in the WowPow! spoken word tent, over the course of an amazing weekend

Thurs 14th April 2016 – Elm Grove Primary School, Brighton – Amazonian tales and other jungle stories, to help start the new topic for Yr 4

Wed 9th Mar 2016 – Book Week at Benfield Primary School, Portslade – a wide-ranging storytelling session for the younger kids, then delving into Greek myths with the older years – followed by a workshop on storytelling techniques on that theme for Year 5

Sat 5th Mar 2016 – Wilderness Wood, Hadlow Down – telling tales of woods and woodland after the day’s work on Stewardship Saturday

Thurs 3rd Mar 2016 – International Book Day at Hertford Infant School, Brighton – lots of fun celebrating stories with all the classes

Mon 25th Jan 2016 – Seven-Minute Star slot at Brighton Storytellers

Sun 6th Dec 2015 – Lucky Dip Christmas Market, Hollingdean, Brighton

Fri 4th Dec 2015 – Hertford Junior School, Brighton – Norse myths as part of Year 4’s Fantastic Finish!

Tue 13th Oct 2015 – Hertford Junior School, Brighton – two workshops with Year 5 classes around literary/storytelling tools, using elements of Amazonian folklore…