The Marriage of Njord and Skadi – comic

The giantess Skadi seeks revenge on the gods of Asgard, only to find herself wedded to Njord, lord of the seaways. As grief turns to hope, can opposites attract? Can even gods and giants overcome the hand life deals us? Is making do ever enough? Full-colour 24-page comic retelling the Icelandic myth of Njord and Skadi, created with artist Simon Russell. “Simon Russell’s evocative art perfectly complements Jon Mason’s lyrical retelling of this little-known classic of Norse myth. Simultaneously melancholic and cathartic, it’s a tale that lingers long after the final page has been turned, demanding numerous readings.” – Tim Pilcher, comics editor and co-author of How Comics Work.


The Theft of Idunn’s Apples – CD

Ever made a promise you shouldn’t have? In this prequel to The Marriage of Njord and Skadi, Loki the trickster, Lord of Lies, finds HIMSELF tricked into giving up one of the gods’ greatest treasures – to one of their age-old enemies, the giants… Battles and betrayals, sorcery and shapeshifting abound in this old Norse myth.



Unmet Needs – CD or download

Album of songs (and stories) years in the making, covering love, loss, social history, politics and finding your feet in adult life.

“full of ambition and successfully blends the past and present, fact and fiction” –


I Can Be Your Social Bandit/With New Eyes single – download

Extra treats from the Unmet Needs sessions. Tongue-in-check thoughts on a theory of Eric Hobsbawm’s, and a song for my good friends Claire and James at their wedding.


Defending (with the Bandana Collective) – CD or download

Our feelings about UK politics in summer/autumn 2015: anger, disappointment but also hope and ground-level victories. Plus reflections on Sarajevo, rural life, and growing old.

“bittersweet and honest-spoken social and political commentaries conveyed with passion and exuberance” –


The First Day of the Rest of Your Life EP – download

My response to the general election of 2015. All profits to Brighton & Hove People’s Assembly Against Austerity.


Viva Bandana (with the Bandana Collective) – CD or download

First album with the folk-punk band with whom I have many happy memories – spit and sawdust, wood and wire, personal & politics and always a bit of folklore and history.