Hope and anti-utopianism in GoT-era fantasy

While taking a break from work this week, I’ve really enjoyed attending an online workshop hosted by my research centre at the University of Brighton, the Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories: Antiutopia as an Enforced Dominant Horizon of Mass Culture: Causes and Consequences for Personality and Utopianism, organised and led by Dr Patricia McManus … More Hope and anti-utopianism in GoT-era fantasy

For Roe Vs Wade

I was stunned (but not surprised) by the news yesterday that the US Supreme Court has overturned the Roe vs Wade ruling, denying women a constitutional right to abortion. So now individual states are allowed to ban abortion, and women across one of the richest “civilised democracies” in the world will suffer even more. Despite … More For Roe Vs Wade

Week of Gigs!

Gigs a-gogo this week, with LOADS of good stuff going on: Wed 4th May I will be co-hosting the always-splendid South Downs Storytellers for their sixth birthday celebration! Join us online at 7:30pm and bring your own cake! Thurs 5th I am sharing the stream with some amazing tellers at Word Spun Zoomed: Myths & … More Week of Gigs!

Barry Cryer RIP

Just heard the news that the comedian Barry Cryer has died aged 86. Very sad. I never met him, but I always felt I knew him and that we’d get on. I always really enjoyed him as a child, a teenager and an adult: he was always around on the radio and telly, and always … More Barry Cryer RIP