Merlin’s first outing…

Whhhow. That was quite a night!

A man with wild hair and a short beard kneels on the floor in a church building, holding out one arm to the windows as he tells an audience a story.

Last night was the first performance of my new show, Merlin In The Wild Wood, in the beautiful, atmospheric surroundings of St Augustine’s Arts and Events Centre. And I think it went rather well…!

It’s a really exciting new step for me: for much of the show, I’m not just telling the stories, I’m embodying the character of Merlin as HE tells the audience about the tragic events of the earliest legends about him, that led him to run wild in the Caledonian Forest. As he weaves in stories from further afield, I got to say a lot that I’ve been pondering on for a long time about what makes us human, what makes us animals, and how Western society has long seen the forest beyond the garden wall… And I found myself enveloped in those emotions from start to finish!

And the audience tell me it went really well too – which was fantastic news! Thanks so much again to all the good people who could make it, it was much appreciated. I can’t wait to tell these tales again – watch this space!

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