Charlie Winnick and the Fairies

My telling of a fantastic story which I learned from Sussex Folk Tales by Michael O’Leary  – a brilliant book you should definitely read! Thanks to my friend James Lewis for making the video, and to the staff of St George’s Inn, Kemp Town, Brighton for letting us film in their pub.

Pandora’s Box

My take on the classical Greek story – with thanks again to James Lewis for making the video, and to St George’s Church in Kemp Town, Brighton. I should explain, late on where it looks like I’m gesturing at the altar, I was actually gesturing at Mount Olympus! It was just behind me, at that point.

The Woman of Llyn y Dywarchen

A quick on-the-hoof telling of this magical story from North Wales, filmed at the actual lake where it’s said to have happened, taken by my wife Ruth on her mobile while on holiday in August 2016.