Full shows

As well as telling single stories or selections, at a wide assortment of events, I’ve created and performed full-length shows around specific themes or ideas. Below are some examples – I would gladly give further performances, or adapt the ideas to fit new settings or occasions. If you’d like to book me, please get in touch!

All’s Fair?

All's Fair background image

Gender and equality. Partner and foe. Lover and beloved, loneliness and compassion, power and control.

A show for teenagers and adults, exploring the tangled roads of gender relations in ancient tales from the British Isles and further afield. Through romance, loss, misunderstanding, and – perhaps – hope, we consider how expectations and stereotypes affect women, men, and everyone; and ask: where do we go from here?

“All’s Fair” was conceived and developed for International Women’s Day 2017, and incorporates some of my favourite myths. It was first performed to a packed house at the Dukebox Theatre, Brighton, in two sets of 45mins with an interval – but it can be adapted to fit a variety of occasions. See here for a taste of one of the stories.

Taliesin: A Tale of Power, Class and Environmental Catastrophe

Sea at Criccieth 2Embark into the world of legendary Welsh bard Taliesin. Tread the line between history and myth, magic and wonder, courage and cruelty, where a very special boy would defy a king… But, as a land tries to heal, refugees flee disaster, and the rising sea waits beyond the walls, can rulers be trusted? Are heroes any better? Is this world really that different from our own?

I’ve loved the Taliesin story since childhood. This set combines the tale of his mythical beginnings with that of Cantrae’r Gwaelod, the Welsh Atlantis; but also looks at the early medieval world of the real-life poet, and draws out socio-political resonance for the modern day. I first created it for Brighton Storytellers in about 2010, and redeveloped it for two nights in the Brighton Festival Fringe in 2017. For people 14 years and up, in two 40min halves with an interval, but can be adapted to fit different occasions and audiences.

Time Travel Treasure Hunt – Brighton Open Market

Market Fringe pic 2017 - cropped 1Brighton Open Market commissioned me to create and lead a half-term treasure hunt for kids and families in Autumn 2016. The result was an epic quest through Brighton’s history, stories and Time Itself!

Faced with a villainous scheme to wipe out fun and freedom in Brighton’s past, present and future, children searched the market for missing pieces of a time machine created by Victorian inventor Magnus Volk, as a story unfolded around them… Gangsters, students, Blackshirts, fishing families, fairies, science, magic and adventure – with the soul of the City at stake.

The treasure hunt ran in October half-term 2016, and may return soon.