Festivities commence!

Hi all! How are you this first day of winter? Enjoying the crisp air while still huggled up warm, I hope. I have a seasonal bunch of suitably festive gigs coming up – which is glorious news, as until only a week or two ago December was strangely empty in my diary. But now, it bursts with fun just as the midwinter festival should!

So, should you be in the mood for festive stories or gifts, here’s what I’m up to:

4th Dec – UpRoar People’s Ceilidh, Unitarian Church, Brighton – a sumptuous sing song and folky fling about with feel-good all-female Sussex folksters The Cheer Up Mollys and communal singing led by UpRoar’s Kirsty Martin – and a story from me! Book tickets now.

15th Dec – Gawain, the Green Knight and Other Winter’s Tales, The Poets Ale & Smoke House, Hove – an in-person solo show intertwining the fabled Arthurian legend with frost-touched folktales from far and near. Book here to join me for a feast of magic, firelight and the depths of the greenwood… 

17th Dec – HULLABELLY, St George’s Church, Brighton – a solstice song & story shindig courtesy of Kirsty Martin’s awesome Hullabaloo Community Quire, plus the amazing folk band Bird in the Belly and stories from myself. Can’t wait – tickets on sale here!

20th Dec – Gawain ONLINE: The Green Knight and Other Winter’s Tales – for those who can’t make the in-person event on 15th, a repeat of these medieval mysteries over the internet as the nights get to their darkest. Book a place here, and a recording will be sent out to ticketholders afterwards!

And if you need a story-sort-of-gift for someone at this time of year, remember you can find stuff at my online shop: my latest recording Land, Sea and Sky, a collection of some of my favourite folktales from gigs, is on CD and download, as well as downloads of Norse legend The Theft of Idunn’s Apples; and the comic-book retelling of Idunn’s sequel The Marriage of Njord and Skadi, written by myself and superbly illustrated by the incredible Simon Russell. As well as downloads and CDs of my musical efforts past and present: life, love and social history in folk, rock and country songwriting, plus some dashes of story thrown in! Enjoy browsing.

And whatever you do, have a great midwinter season all of you, and lots of love to you and yours. Take care, and have fun!

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