Jon started telling stories aged 12 in a school minibus. He was on a trip in the Brecon Beacons, and the year before he’d got into the Mabinogion. He now performs regularly at storytelling clubs, festivals and schools and anywhere that will have him: spoken-word nights, community fairs, children’s groups, folk clubs, music gigs, he’s done them all. And mainly he keeps his hand in by sharing the stories he loves with his family.

He’s always loved old legends of all kinds – the action, the wonder, the dragons and heroes and gods and sharp-witted children: the age and meaning calling down the centuries. He’s always loved “real” history, too, though, finding what happened, how things used to be and why they are the way they are now – and reality has as many good stories as fantasy.

But it’s often the blurry space between the two where things get really interesting. So what Jon tries to do most is tell stories that explore that boundary – connecting our history and our present, what we want and how we are, our surrounding landscape and ourselves. Of course, it’s telling STORIES, so it doesn’t count unless it’s huge, sweeping, rip-roaring FUN! Danger and excitement and sorrow and laughter, for children and grown-ups – who doesn’t want that in a story? Come along and see where it takes us!