Want some entertainment for a gathering – and feel like something a bit different?

I’m available for both children’s parties and adults’ events. Storytelling (and story-games) can be a great way to inspire and give things a spark: it’s fun, it’s up-close, it’s attention-grabbing and yet informal at the same time – it can even get interactive!

With two kids of my own, I’ve plenty of experience capturing little ones’ imaginations (or even not so little ones’…) to make the day special. And if your soiree is more grown-up, let me add some light, shadow, drama and adventure as and how you need! You just provide the venue and any other elements you require, and I’ll be more than happy to give a performance to ensure a memorable time. We can discuss beforehand any particular stories or themes that are favourites, and I can tailor a set to suit you.

Any queries, give me a shout!