“our boys became totally engrossed by the story telling session around the campfire… fantastic…” – https://minitravellers.co.uk/into-the-trees-festival/

“…great tales told with obvious love. It was an enthralling evening.” – Audience member, The Mabinogion, Feb 2021

“I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your rendition on Tuesday evening. I couldn’t believe how quickly the hour passed, showing how engrossed I was in your storytelling. I was sorry when it finished.” – Audience member, The Mabinogion, Feb 2021

“Thank you Jon for a really wonderful performance tonight. You really brought those stories to life and it made me wonder why we don’t all know these stories of this beautiful land better. I want to go and visit those places now!” – Umi Sinha, Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven

“Jon Mason is a fantastic storyteller with tales for all ages, he really grips the crowd with his wondrous tales, mime, songs, humour, scary stuff and all things story. And his gentle, inclusive and improvisational style as Master of Ceremonies invokes fun, confidence and laughter – encouraging everyone to join in and take part at The Lucky Dip Summer Fayre. What is more- he speaks Seagull! Magical. We want him back at the Lucky Dip again and again!”

– The Hollingdean Lucky Dip Fayre’s Team

“My little boy (5) was in the back of the car today and said he wanted to tell a story, and then proceeded to tell one of yours, with his own twists of course. So just wanted to say thank you for inspiring him 👍

– Audience member, Oxfest 2019

“Jon came to Hangleton Primary during our Book week and completely entranced the children with oral storytelling of universal themes of bravery, journey and  love.  He skilfully wove the children’s  recent learning into exciting stories from Old Sussex and beyond and has inspired some amazing storytelling and story writing across the school.

Thank you Jon.”

– Teachers, Hangleton Primary School, July 2016

“The session was spot-on. The children were entranced (we’ve never known them so quiet!). They also remembered many of the facts you had given them and are now raring to find out more.”

– Year 4 teachers, Elm Grove Primary School, Brighton, April 2016

“Jon came to Hertford Infants to participate in World Book day celebrations. He inspired the children with his oral storytelling about legendary creatures and characters of Old Sussex. Children learnt fascinating old world vocabulary such as mawkin for scarecrow and Bogart for goblins. His excited intonation and excellent timing held the children’s attention for the whole half hour and they asked questions about the characters, settings and events. We can recommend his skills and enthusiasm for story telling sessions.”

– Teaching Assistant, Hertford Infant School, Brighton, March 2016



“Dear Jon, thank you so much for coming in to tell us Viking myths it was AMAZING!!!”

“To Jon, thank you so much, Your stories are amazing I loved them so much.”

– Year 4 students at Hertford Junior School, Brighton, Dec 2015