Strange Games festival…!

A storyteller stands beyond a blazing campfire, arms wide in the middle of a story, against a dark nightime background.

A cracking photo taken by a very kind audience member at Strange Games festival near Hailsham this weekend! I had the most amazing time telling tales by their main campfire every night, and everyone who came was just LOVELY.

And during the day, my youngest and had a GLORIOUS time with all the wonderful people there, indulging to our hearts’ content in boardgames, RPGs, mystery-solving games and more. Can’t recommend it highly enough! Plus, among all the great stalls at the craft fair, I found myself sat beside the amazing Artemis Games who are lovely folks and chock-full of ingenius tools to inspire gamers’ imaginations – and some v kind fellow campers introduced me to HedgeCraft Gin, made from wild ingredients by the partner of a mutual friend. Check them both out if that sounds like it would float your boat!

Thanks so much to everyone for having me! Already dead excited for next year.

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