Gig updates!

Hello all! I hope you’re all surviving okay and this summer has been restful and fun as well as, well, gloomy and weird… Sorry not to have written for a while: been busy busy busy, both in all three worlds of storytelling work, family life and day job. BUT: I have news of plenty more … More Gig updates!

Gigs go online – creativity and community carry on!

In the words of Joss Whedon, you can’t stop the signal – and in these gloomy times, oodles of creative comrades of mine are moving their gigs online to keep us connected and smiling. I’ll be doing the same myself where possible. Understandably, most (I’m anticipating all) of my gigs have been cancelled for the … More Gigs go online – creativity and community carry on!

Terry Jones RIP

An almost offensively brief message, but I didn’t want to let another day go by without paying tribute to Terry Jones. I was stunned and sad yesterday to hear he’d died, and at only 77. I didn’t even know he’d been struggling with dementia. It’s a real loss that his colour and wit and imagination … More Terry Jones RIP

Chasing the Sun

Walk the green earth. Scour the sky above the chalk hills. Your troubles will follow you, whatever the age. But did a hero once walk among us? Did a mother raise her son? Did he grow to face our fears – and will that sun rise again? On Tues 11th Feb I’m thrilled to be … More Chasing the Sun