Listen! New podcasts on storytelling, history and re-enchantment

Hello all! I was really grateful to be involved last week in a recording for Technecast, the official podcast of Techne DTP, my PhD funding body. This year Techne’s January Student Congress was on the subject of re-enchantment – how we can put more imaginative, emotional awareness back into our understanding of the world… This is something I’ve thought about a lot, as a storyteller and as part of my PhD, so I was really glad to join in!

Myself and dance artist Rosalind Holgate-Smith each recorded a piece for a special Congress episode of Technecast, drawing on our practical experiences of re-enchantment from our respective work – and then, at the Congress itself, we were interviewed by Felix Clutson to discuss our thoughts and ideas together. You can hear both parts – the initial podcast, and then a recording of the interview – at Technecast’s links below.

Enjoy listening!

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