Gigs agogo – and Online Game!

Hi all! Apologies not to have posted in a while, BUT: I’ve been busy working on LOTS of stuff, and have LOTS of news to share with you!

The stars have all aligned and this May is now packed with gigs – and some really exciting ones at that. Not only have I kindly been given spots at some superb monthly storytelling nights, but I have some rather special events of my own coming up. All details are on my gigs page, but to fill you in:

  • The Time Travel Treasure Hunt is back! This is one of my favourite things to do: an interactive storytelling adventure, leading you through the history and folklore of my local area! Once again, this Hunt is part of the Brighton Festival Our Place programme; and it is a collaboration with students and staff from the University of Sussex Dept of History. They’ve all just been INCREDIBLE: in just a few short workshops, we’ve researched the history of Hangleton on the edge of Brighton & Hove, and shaped a brand new story in which YOU must save Time! This year the Treasure Hunt is running ONLINE, with two separate opportunities to take part: Sun 2nd and Fri 7th May. And it is FREE to join!
  • … and what is more! The AMAZING people at Sussex have crafted the Treasure Hunt into an ONLINE GAME as well! It’ll be a text-based choose-your-own-adventure style challenge, accessible for free from any device. I’ve been SO impressed to see this taking shape in such a short space of time, and I’m really proud of what we’ve come up with. Details to follow as soon as it’s available!
  • AND on Wed 19th May, I am telling Taliesin: A Tale of Class, Pandemic and Environmental Catastrophe. This is a return to the first full-length storytelling show I ever created: the folktales and legends surrounding the birth of the legendary 6th century Welsh bard Taliesin. But not only is it a fantastic story, there are some uncanny similarities with the challenges we’re facing today: so come back with me to early medieval Wales, to see a land rocked by change, refugees landing on our shores, the sea rising outside the walls, and a new illness on the way… Old stories for now.

And there we have it! A month of LOTS of fun – hope you’re all doing okay yourselves, and I’ll look forward to seeing you out there!

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