Off school? How about some stories!

I hope everyone’s managing okay in the ongoing lockdown. Some schools in the UK are indeed now thinking of opening for all pupils again – but as many children are still studying from home, I’ve taken some of my school sessions online!

Sharing history, myths, and more, these are sessions I’ve delivered in schools and elsewhere for years, and which transfer just as well to Zoom calls. I cover a choice of rich topics, which fit in lots of different ways with primary teaching; and participants get to hear some fantastic tales, while also discussing what they mean to us today – and maybe even making up some of their own!

Follow the links below for the current sessions offered, and dates available, with more subjects and availability perhaps to follow. Individuals are more than welcome to book, with sessions confirmed once we have enough numbers; or if your group or organisation would like a bespoke subject or date, please let me know!

Stay safe and see you soon – Jon.

Viking Myths! (6-12 years – gods, giants and fates of the old North – and a window into history. Plus we make our own story!

Sussex Folktales and Legends (6-12 years) – a virtual tour of local myths, history and beliefs in ancient and not-so-ancient times.

Greek Myths! Heroes and Monsters (4-14 years) – immerse yourself in famous and less well-known tales, and ask, what really makes a hero?

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