Lakes International Comic Art Festival, 9th-11th Oct ONLINE, FREE and WITH A VIDEO I MADE IN IT!

I am properly thrilled at being part of this year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival – happening TOTALLY FREE online 9th-11th Oct.

LICAF usually happens each year in Kendall, deep in the Lake District; and despite Covid-19, they’re not to be kept down. This year it’s moved ONLINE, with an absolute EXPLOSION of talks, workshops, videos and ALL SORTS, featuring scores of creative types from the world of comics and graphic novels. Dave McKean, Posy Simmonds, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Mark Millar, Sarah McIntyre – it’s almost neverending!

And I’m dead excited to find myself among them! (Thanks to my good mate Simon Russell, with whom I wrote The Marriage of Njord and Skadi.) I’ve recorded an original tale which you can watch online from 7pm on Fri 9th Oct: part of the Little LICAF Live programme for kids and families, it’s a breakneck adventure that is both workshop and story, featuring magic, sc-fi, ghosts, monsters and a feast of figures from Lake District folklore.

And look through the whole weekend’s events to see what other fantastic interviews, quizzes, showcases and madcap creativity you can enjoy! Two days of comics and chaos for FREE – doesn’t get much better.

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