Two new videos! An interview, and a tale

Hello folks! This week I had the pleasure – and the honour – of being interviewed for the Crecganford YouTube channel, on the subject of storytelling itself! It was fantastic fun. We covered how I got into storytelling, how to practice telling stories, what stories MEAN to society, and LOADS more – and talked about the Mabinogion an awful lot. You can watch the whole thing above – I hope you enjoy it!

AND what’s more, Crecganford have released a video from my Dec 2020 telling of Frost and Fire: Finnish Tales from the Kalevala! Picking one of the stories I told that night, it shows how the singer Väinämöinen and the smith Ilmarinen tried to bring fire back to the frozen land, after it was stolen by the Hag of the North, Louhi… You can watch it at my Movies page, and right here:

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