New post and new gigs!

Hello all! So, have been really enjoying putting together this website – hope is interesting for you out in the wide world too.

I’ll post updates and ideas and thoughts and news when I have stuff to share – let me know if there’s anything that’d be handy. And for now, for my first post, it’s great to be able to announce some more gigs!

I’ll be doing a slot in January at Brighton Storytellers, which I’m really looking forward to. And I’ve been asked to tell some Anglo-Saxon and Norse myths for the Yr 4 pupils at Hertford Junior School, Brighton – how much fun can you ask for?

Not forgetting that I’ll be at the Lucky Dip Christmas Market in Hollingean on Sun 6th Dec – for details of this and all the above, have a look at my Coming Gigs page.

Have fun all!

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