Great weekend of storytelling under the belt

Wow, what a brilliant way this is to spend some time.

Friday morning, I was being the scop/skald in a homemade feast hall, telling Anglo-Saxon and Norse myths to the amazing Yr 4 kids at Hertford Junior School. Hopefully have some photos to share soon. Students were really sharp and interested: favourite moments were where they shouted out the connections with stories they already knew (some not even Norse, which was really cool!), picked up on the light shed on Tolkien, and one point where a girl (jaw dropping) gasped “I thought gods were supposed to be GOOD?!”

And then Sunday evening, a local tale and a made-up wintry story at the Lucky Dip Christmas Market in Hollingdean, aided and abetted by my friend Mark as a great interlocutor and foil. Was in a lovely cosy corner in St Richard’s Hall, which is a fantastic old building, with a select but amazingly friendly group of kids and their grownups, and Mark providing lots of great sparks to interactivity and chat. Lovely event, always great just to wander around as a punter. My friend Claire Craig took some great photos (some of which will be gracing other pages on this site!), and here’s one below.

Ah, good times!


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