End of the old year, beginning of the new

So, I know I’m a bit late to be saying that – sorry, I’ve been busy since actual New Year, enjoying some family time and getting back into my day job. But I’ve been wanting to share this from the end of last year – one of the lovely thankyous I got from Hertford Junior School for the sessions I did there last term. This one was for Greek myths with Yr 6:

And I had a really great time with all the years I told to, too, really getting to push myself into new stories or telling ones I’ve known for a while in ways I’d always wanted to (capturing something of ancient British myths, especially, and getting inside the Rhinegold saga more than I’ve been able to before).

Some the many high points to a very busy end to the year in fact! I also picked up loads of stories on a trip to Scotland; learned masses of local history about where I grew up in Berkshire from the amazingly kind historian Olive Butchart; did a fascinating course on Telling for Heritage led by Stuart Piggott and Dave Tong; stretched into some new wintry stories at the Hollingdean Lucky Dip; and delved deeper into some mediaeval English myths thanks to suggestions from my friends Simon and Katy, and thanks to reading Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising with my kids. I’ve been literally fizzing since New Year with all the stories I want to tell.

Thankfully I’ve suddenly got a bunch of gigs over the next couple of weeks! Had a great start at the always-amazing South Downs Storytellers on 3rd; and following that there is:

Full details on my Gigs page. Hope to see you there if you can make it – and hope the year’s started equally well for you, have a great one whatever you’re doing!



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