Indian-inspired evening at School of Storytelling

Serpent King's Daughter

An exciting gig on the way! Back in September I was very lucky to be asked to join The Serpent King’s Daughter at Guesthouse Storytellers in Newhaven: this group performance retold A Digit of the Moon, a tale-and-collection-of-tales drawing on Hindu traditions and set down by F.W. Bain in 1898. We had such a great time doing it we wanted to do it again asap – and after much hard work by some very dilligent colleagues, so we will!

The Serpent King’s Daughter will be told again at the School of Storytelling, Emerson College, Forest Row on Sat 17th Nov. It’s a splendid and sumptuous set of stories, sweeping from the serene to the raucous, romantic to spooky, tragic to mischievously funny; and arching over it all is the tale of a king desperately trying to win the hand of his formidable and unobtainable love. Masterfully adapted by Umi Sinha and told by almost 10 of us, it’s a wonderful work to be part of.

I’ll post more details when they’re available, on my gigs list and Facebook page. Watch this space, and hold the date!

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