Kickstarter for comic soon to launch!

Today I had a Northumbrian piper in my dining room…! An ambition fulfilled perhaps. once upon again cover picThe reason being (and cause for yet more joy this) the Once Upon Again comic is almost ready!

The Marriage of Njord and Skadi is the first comic book under the Once Upon Again banner, a retelling of a Norse myth which illustrator Simon Russell and I have been working on for many months. It tells the tale of a bereaved giantess, seeking revenge on the gods, and the unexpected relationship she finds instead. Simon’s stunning artwork is now finished, and we are making the last touches before sending to print.

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign asap (hopefully by Feb) to pay for printing and calligraphy costs – and this is where the piper came in. Today I recorded Simon’s wonderful partner Katy playing a haunting, stirring tune on her Northumbrian smallpipes, to use in a promo film for the campaign. I’ve loved Northumbrian pipes for years, with an enthusiasm that has challenged many friendships, and it was a real gift to  actually have someone playing them in my house, and to record them no less.

Announcements to follow when the Kickstarter goes live! Like our Facebook page for updates – and we will tell you more very soon!

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