Fund our comic NOW!

It’s happening! Crowdfunding for The Marriage of Njord and Skadi has officially LAUNCHED!

Simon Russell and I have written a comic exploring an old Norse myth, and we need YOU to help us print it. Visit our Kickstarter campaign to pre-order a copy, and we get closer to reaching our total!Video_A.jpg

The comic tells the haunting and bittersweet story of the giantess Skadi, her vengeance against the gods, and her unexpected marriage to the sea-god Njord. With timeless and very human resonances, it’s allowed us to dwell on the characters and their emotions, rather than chest-beating and fights. Simon’s illustrations evoke such depth and elemental feeling, they’re unlike most stuff you’ll see on a comic page. We’re really proud of the result.

So now we need to print it! So please, help us get there! We’ve oodles of rewards for funders, as well as copies of the comic itself! Go to our Kickstarter campaign and back us now!

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