We did it! Comic will exist!

THANKYOU everyone who pledged to our Kickstarter for the Marriage of Njord and Skadi comic. The interest and enthusiasm smashed all our expectations – the total was not only met within the first three days, we even broke both of our giddy “what if…?” last-minute targets of £2000 and reaching 300% of our original total. That’s all because other people thought it was worth their hard-earned cash, so THANKYOU all.

Finals figures: 157 Backers, 310%, £2,020. So lots of comics will be being posted out soon – and what’s also great is that (thanks to Simon’s brilliant idea for a stretch goal) we will be sending 70 comics to the Little Heroes charity (https://littleheroescomics.co.uk).

We’ve been excitedly putting the finishing touches on while this has been happening – comic is already lettered by the fantastic Katy Rodda, and I’ve got a pdf sat in my inbox of what might well be the ACTUAL FINISHED VERSION. We’ll post updates in the next couple of days – but expect hard copies soon! And if you want to join in the celebrations, Simon and I will be selling copies and telling a related story at ICE Brighton comics convention on Sat 9th Mar, and holding a full launch party with more stories and music at the Jolly Brewer pub on Sat 6th Apr – stay tuned for more details!

And if all this wasn’t enough, my search engine had a wonderful pic of this village in the Faroe Islands as it’s backdrop this morning. Meant to be.


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