Maps, Time Machine,Comics, Hat; GO.

So as we slide into a glorious sunny spring weekend, it’s just hit me: where has May gone?! (That’s not a reflection on the current UK news, either; I’m honestly surprised to find we’re nearly at the end of the month already.)

I suspect part of the answer is that I’ve been a blur of activity getting ready for many of my fantastic gigs coming up. I had a brilliant time being interviewed by RadioReverb on Wed – Melita and Rebecca were SPLENDID hosts, and you can listen again to sections from their programme as podcasts, I’ll post info when it’s available. And, this morning, preparing for five-separate-sets-across-two-different-festivals-in-one-weekend, I can say with pride and not a little relief, I am READY:20190524_081131[1]

Tonight is my first of three evening slots at Elderflower Fields – can’t wait, and am looking forward to seeing fellow storytellers Sheila Sword and Dawn Casey, amongst others. Then tomorrow I’m at Our Place for the Time Travel Treasure Hunt, enlisting YOUR HELP to save the fate of Brighton & Hove! And I’ve also been asked to do some video interviews for BBC Sussex, the Brighton Festival and Sussex Uni while I’m there – I’ll share news when I have it…!

Hope you all have a luxuriant, sunny Bank Holiday weekend with good people too, wherever you are. Have fun, and speak to you soon!

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