Lots of Lewes

Caroline 10 (3)I’m getting to spend an awful lot of time storytelling in Lewes these days, which has given me loads of opportunities to explore. There are so many beautiful little spots around the town, and they look all the more special in this glorious sunny weather we’re having. Last month it was the Westgate Chapel for Hervor and Heidrek; and on Fri 5th July I did two sets of storytelling at Twilight Tales, an absolutely magical event organised by the amazing Patina and Starfish. It was in the Paddock, a beautiful patch of grass in a leafy valley, right beneath Lewes Castle, and the perfect place to relax on a summer’s Caroline 7evening, enjoying a HOST of great performers: Leo Sedgley the Guerrilla Poet, storyteller Jamie Crawford, Sally Edwards of WishWorks, and author Richard Waring. And I got to stretch out with two of my favourite stories: the birth of Taliesin, and Sigurd the dragonslayer, with magic, fickle fate, danger and heroics aplenty. Plus I got to tell to a crowd of 200 or so people – that was something!

And in only a couple of weeks I’ll be back in Lewes again for a whole run of gigs at one of my favourite bookshops (and as my kids will tell you, that’s saying something). The fantastic people at Bags of Books have invited me to do a series of sessions at the start of the summer holidays, focussing on a different topic each time. So we’ll be doing Magical Beasts, Heroes & Villains, Earth Stories and How It All Began – with a mix of stories each time, from close to home and far, far away. For dates, times and how to book, see here!

Not forgetting that on 3rd/4th of Aug I’ll be a little beyond Lewes at Oxfest, too – so, hope to see you out and about over the summer!

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