Latest gigs

20190526_153039[1]Hello all! Hope you’ve been enjoying some splendid sunshine. I have too – and have been glad to get out in the green spaces when I can. It’s been a busy summer so far, with lots more gigs to look forward to too. Hervor and Heidrek went really well on 15th June, with a really keen and kind audience, and a magical setting in Lewes’ Westgate Chapel. And my kids and I had a WONDERFUL time at our Midsummer Story Walk to Hollingbury Hillfort: a gorgeous walk on a summer’s evening sharing local history, local folk tales, and some speculation about prehistoric British myth via the First Branch of the Mabinogion. Was lovely to have so many people come along, thanks a million again and I’m glad you enjoyed the it.

Since then I’ve also had fun performing at the Hertford Schools Summer Fair, and MCing at this year’s Lucky Dip Summer Fair in Hollingdean. If I have any photos I’ll share them – but both events were gloriously happy and lively, with all sorts of great stuff to do. So impressed by the volunteers who put these things on, doing so much hard work so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves.

Twilight Tales posterAnd another exciting community event to come this Friday! I’m storytelling at Twilight Tales, a FREE family fair in Lewes organised by Patina and Starfish to mark the local schools’ Moving On parade. All the performers met for a chat and a planning session a week or two ago, and there’s a really rich range of styles and stories in store. Really looking forward to hanging out on Fri eve and hearing their tales. Come join us if you’re able!

And then yet MORE to come over the school holidays, with a festival performance at Oxfest and a whole series of gigs at the brilliant Bags of Books in Lewes – more details to come! Enjoy the sun and I’ll see you soon.


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