New Year of gigs

Hi all! How was your festive season? As restful and nourishing as it could be, I hope. I had a good break, and am pleasantly surprised to realise I have a run of gigs ahead of me to start the New Year!

But first of all, an apology: some of you might remember that I posted recently about a CD which I was going to make in time for Christmas. Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t do that. I’m very sorry – sadly other commitments took priority, involving some very interesting possible plans for the future (more news when it comes together), and I was forced to decide between things. The silver lining, though, is that I now have more time to give to the CD, and it will be much better when it does appear. I will let you know when that happens!

And for now, if you’re up for a good yarn, hopefully we’ll cross paths at some of my many new gigs – including a short slot at the incredible Nell Phoenix’s regular club tomorrow night up in the Big Smoke! And if nothing else, I’ll look forward to seeing you on a certain Sunday afternoon at a cosy cafe/pub in Brighton to which you’re all invited:

JM Sunday Stories Jan poster


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