Chasing the Sun

White Horse pic

Walk the green earth. Scour the sky above the chalk hills. Your troubles will follow you, whatever the age. But did a hero once walk among us? Did a mother raise her son? Did he grow to face our fears – and will that sun rise again?

On Tues 11th Feb I’m thrilled to be sharing a cycle of tales at Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven. Inspired by the White Horse at Uffington, Berkshire, this collection of myths and folktales considers the traces left in the soil of that place, and the hopes and dreams of those who walked there before us. Combining tantalising archaeological evidence, and the echoes of ancient myth, there is so much this place might tell us about belief over millenia of British history.

It’s a set that I’ve been passionate about telling since I first visited the site two years ago, and which I’ve loved performing at summer festivals since. Join me for stories from Wales to Yorkshire to Iceland and more, and imagine the myth that might have been.

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